How Can I Enter Absences for Other Employees?



⚠️ This article focuses on absences tracked in days. For absences tracked in hours, please visit this article.

This article explains how you can enter absences into Personio for other employees.

Under certain circumstances, Personio allows you to manage other employees' absences. Depending on the access rights you have, you will be able to enter new absences for them or change their existing absence periods.


Manually Entering Absences in the Employee Profile

In order to edit a colleague's absence periods, your own profile must meet one of the following three access rights requirements. Depending on your access rights, entering a new absence in a colleague's employee profile will either trigger an approval process or simply cause the entry to be saved directly into the system. 

  1. You have proposal rights for the colleague in question's Absence section.
    ➡ Result: The approval process will be triggered when you enter an absence. 
  2. You have editing rights for the colleague in question's Absence section.
    ➡ Result: The approval process will not be triggered when you enter an absence. 
  3. You have administrator rights.
    ➡ Result: When you enter an absence by logging in to the employee profile, the approval process will be triggered because you are acting on behalf of the employee. 


Entering an Absence Using Editing Rights (Without an Approval Process) 

All employees who have editing rights for the Absences section can use this option. You can find more information about employee roles and access rights here.

To enter an absence in this way, navigate to the Absence tab of the employee profile and enter the required absence period in the Add absence period field (bottom right): 


Under Absence type, select the absence type you would like to use. Enter the duration of the absence on the next line. You can also specify half-day absences, name a substitute or add a comment.

As you have editing rights, you can click on Skip approval. This will cause the changes you have made to be entered into the absence calendar right away, without triggering an approval process.


Entering an Absence by Logging in to an Employee Profile (With an Approval Process)

If you have the Admin role, as well as using the above option, you can also make an entry on behalf of another employee. Doing so will trigger the usual approval process.  

To do this, log in to the employee profile in which a change needs to be made: 


Navigate to the calendar on the Absence tab and carry out the request on behalf of the employee in question. Enter a comment so that the employee knows what changes have been made: 


Complete the process by clicking on Request an absence. This will trigger the usual approval process. The requested absence period will now be visible in the calendar:


Click here for more information on configuring approval rulesets. 


Importing Absences for Several Employees

As you have the Admin role, you can also import several absence periods or absence balances at the same time. 

You can find a detailed description of these two import types, as well as the document templates for the import, in this Helpcenter article




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