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This article describes how to configure approval workflows for absences, attendances, and changes to employee data. 


What are default approval workflows?

A default approval workflow for absence requests, attendances, and changes in employee data, sets the standard for all employees in your company who are not exempted by the application of a special ruleset. The granular configuration options allow you to choose one or several approvers. The Approval widget in the Workflow Hub helps you keep track of ongoing workflows.

To set up special rulesets for specific employees or employee groups, you need to add employee filters and rulesets. For more information on this function, read our article Configuring Rulesets.


Approver options 

For default approval workflows, you can add one to six approval steps. For each approval step, you can choose from four approver options from the drop-down menu


Approver Option Description
Specific employee Choose any employee out of all employees in the company.
Employee with role

Choose any employee role to enable all employees assigned to that role to approve requests.

Note: All employees with this role receive the request for confirmation, but it only requires confirmation or rejection from one person in the role.

Supervisor's supervisor Choose any supervisor's supervisor of an individual employee as the approver, as shown in the Orgchart view.
Supervisor Choose any supervisor of an individual employee as the approver.


Create a default approval workflow


  1. Navigate to Settings > Workflows > Approvals.
  2. Choose an absence type, attendance, or employee data to trigger the approval workflow.
  3. In the default section, click on Add approval step.
  4. From the drop-down menu, choose the approver.
  5. Add up to five more approval steps, as required. 
  6. Click Save.

For absence types with a medical certificate, the approval process for the medical certificate is automatically linked to the approval process for the absence type. You can find detailed information on absence types with medical certificates here.




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