Configuring Standard Approvals


This article describes how to configure a standard approval process. 


Types of Approval Process

An approval process is used for the following actions:

  • approving absences
  • approving attendance
  • approving changes to employee data

To configure an approval process, navigate to Settings > Approvals.

Here you can see all the areas for which you can define an individual approval process. Navigate to the desired absence tab and select Add approval step: 


Now choose one of the four options to set an approver. The options are as follows:

  • Supervisor: The supervisor of the respective employee. Here, Personio uses the employee who has been entered into the requester's employee profile as their supervisor.
  • Supervisor's supervisor: The next supervisor up, as shown in the Orgchart view.
  • Employees with role: The employee(s) previously assigned to a particular role.
    Note: All employees with this role receive the request for confirmation, but it only requires confirmation or rejection from one person in the role.
  • Specific employee: The responsible employee can be directly selected here.

You can see the four options in the following screenshot: 


Select Add approval step to define another approval instance for your process, if required.


Once you have defined all the required approval steps, save your entries.

Absence requests are the only approval process that administrators and employees with the corresponding editing rights can perform. In this case, the employee has the option of deciding for each request whether they want to skip or trigger an approval process. The approver only needs viewing rights for the requester's absence calendar.


You can find further details on roles and access rights here.


Absences With a Sick Certificate

For absence types with a sick certificate, the approval process for the sick certificate is automatically linked to the approval process for the absence type. After confirming the absence, a second approval process is started in order to approve the certificate as well.

You can find detailed information on absence types with sick certificates here.


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