Best Practice: Standard Approvals


In this article, we show you examples of the most common approval processes. 

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Best Practice 1: Single Approval Step (Supervisor)

Single approval step via the supervisor.


The employee's supervisor can approve the request. If no supervisor has been entered in the employee profile, the request is approved automatically. For example, any requests for the absence type Paid vacation must be approved by the supervisor.


Best Practice 2: Single Approval Step (Specific Employee)

One single approval step via a specific employee.


All requests are received by a particular employee, "John Doe," who can approve them. Note that this approval process has to be updated if John Doe leaves the company, as otherwise, all requests will be approved automatically. This process could be applicable, for example, if all absences of the type Business travel have to be approved by John Doe.


Best Practice 3: Single Approval Process (Employee Role)

A single approval process via an employee role.


The approval process is initiated with all employees who are in the selected employee role. Once an employee in that role has approved the request, it no longer appears for the others; approval by one employee in that role is sufficient. This could, for example, be used for the absence type Parental leave.


Best Practice 4: Two-Step Approval Process (Supervisor & Employee Role)

A two-step approval process via the supervisor, followed by an employee in a certain role.


The recorded supervisor receives the request first. Once they have approved it, it will appear for all employees in the HR Manager role. Approval through one employee in that role is sufficient. This process could be suitable for the absence type Sickness to facilitate any medical certificates first being submitted to the supervisor and then, as a second step, forwarded to the HR Manager. The article Setting Up Approval Processes for Sick Leave and Medical Certificates provides an overview of the complete approval process for sick leave, from request to approval and upload of medical certificates.


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