How do I set up reminders?

Personio allows you to configure reminders for different events: 

  • End date of probation period
  • Begin of employment
  • End of contract
  • termination date
  • last salary adjustment
  • birthday
  • any date (see individual memories)

The following types of reminders can be created:

Role reminders

Role reminders can be managed for all employees under Account configurations > Employee Roles > Reminders:

New reminders can be added with Add reminder.

Personal reminders

Personal reminders can be managed by each employee in their personal settings:

An overview of all reminders (personal and role) is shown in the personal settings.

New reminders can be created by clicking Add personal reminder.

Individual reminders 

Reminders can be set up for individual employees by clicking on Actions > Reminders > view my reminders for this employee.

Additionally, you can create individual reminders for any date:

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