Managing and Exporting the Calendar


In this article, you will learn what information is available to your employees in the different company calendar views, and how you can influence and export shared calendars.

Personio's company calendar offers you two views: the global Absence calendar and the Events calendar. When you click on the calendar icon in the main navigation bar on the left, the global absence calendar is shown. You can then use the buttons at the top right to switch to the events calendar.


The Absence Calendar

The global absence calendar provides you and your employees with an overview of other employees' absences in your company. The access rights of the respective employee or employee role determine which data is displayed and whether the absence types defined for the company are displayed individually or collectively. For further information about defining access rights to the calendar and the associated setting options, see our article on Configuring the Aggregated Absence Calendar


The employee list is sorted alphabetically by first name and always shows the logged in employee at the top. You have the option to filter by Subcompany, Office, Department and Team.

You can also filter by status to have only those employees shown who are absent or have planned absences on the current day. The input field Search or add employees offers you the possibility of extending your filter selection by specific employees. 

Click on the More options button (three dots) to directly submit an absence request or to switch to your own absence calendar. 

Clicking on the bar that marks an absence in the calendar opens a sidebar with detailed information about the absence in question. 


Extended Absence Calendar Functions 

Administrators and other employee roles with the appropriate access rights to the calendar have more extensive options.


In addition to the employee filters, there is also the option to have only specific absence types displayed. Employees who are involved in an approval process can edit requests (framed flags) directly in the calendar. Requests can be approved or rejected via the Pending requests field within a sidebar.

Clicking on the framed flag in the calendar sheet also opens a sidebar that shows a detail view of the respective request and offers the option to approve or reject it.


The Events Calendar 

The Events Calendar allows your employees to view dates for the events listed on the left, depending on the access rights granted to the associated roles. These details can be shown or hidden by clicking on the calendar name. In addition, there is the option to filter by Office, Department and Team.


My Calendar includes Reminders, Performance meetings and Recruiting meetings of the respective employee. Your employees can also choose between a Monthly and a Yearly view by clicking on the corresponding buttons.


Exporting a Calendar

To export your Personio calendar to an external application such as Google Calendar, navigate to Export in one of the calendar views.

Next, copy the link shown under Link to calendar and paste it into Outlook or Google Calendar as a new calendar.

The Personio calendar export is designed such that all checked absence types are displayed in the external application via a shared calendar. For each absence entry, both the corresponding employee name and the name of the respective absence are displayed (e.g. "[Vacation] John Doe").

If you want to activate and hide the exported absence calendars separately, you can export them individually. To do this, each desired absence type must be selected individually and pasted into the external application as a separate calendar (link):


The exported calendar is synchronized automatically, as your calendar application retrieves the current status of your Personio calendar regularly via the link provided.

Which calendars are available to an employee for export is decided when you configure the calendar access rights for each employee role. Click here for further information on this topic. 


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