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This article explains the Calendar section and its functionalities, such as the Absence Timeline and Events Calendar.


What is the Calendar?

Personio's calendar offers you an overview of all absences and events for the whole company in the form of a monthly calendar. The calendar view is divided into two sections: the global Absence Timeline and the Events Calendar. Depending on individual access rights, users can view absences and events such as performance meetings and recruiting interviews and also review approval requests directly in the Calendar. For more information about setting access rights for the Calendar, read our article Configure and Manage Access to the Calendar.

It is possible to export absences via an iCal link and import a range of absence data into popular calendar apps for more information on this, read our article Integrate the Personio Calendar via an iCal Link.


The Absence Timeline

General Functions of the Absence Timeline

The Absence Timeline displays employees' absence periods in a monthly view. The employee list on the left-hand side is sorted alphabetically by first name and always shows the logged in employee at the top.


The search bar at allows you to search for individual employees or add more employees to a filtered list. In addition, you can apply the following filters to the employee list:

  • Subcompany
  • Office
  • Department
  • Team
  • Status: Choose between Absent today and Absent this period

Click on the button with three dots in the upper-right corner to submit an absence request or to switch to your own absence calendar. 

Click on the bar that marks an absence in the calendar to open a sidebar with detailed information about the absence in question. 


Extended Functions of the Absence Timeline

Administrators and other employee roles with the appropriate access rights to the calendar have more extensive options.


In addition to the employee filters, there is also the option to have only specific absence types displayed. Employees who are involved in an approval process can edit requests (framed flags) directly in the calendar. Requests can be approved or rejected via the Pending requests field within a sidebar.

Clicking on the framed flag in the calendar sheet also opens a sidebar that shows a detail view of the respective request and offers the option to approve or reject it.


The Events Calendar 

The Events Calendar allows your employees to view dates for the events listed in the monthly view, depending on the access rights granted to the associated roles. Events can be shown or hidden by clicking on the calendar name. In addition, there is the option to filter by Office, Department and Team.


My Calendar includes Reminders, Performance meetings and Recruiting meetings of the respective employee. Your employees can also choose between a Monthly and a Yearly view by clicking on the corresponding buttons.




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