Sample privacy policy

In this article, you will learn how to store a data privacy statement on your career page and how to integrate it into the application process so that your applicants are aware of it before submitting their data.


Storing a Data Privacy Statement

Under Configure account > Recruiting > Job page you can save a privacy policy for your Personio job page. Applicants then have to accept the privacy policy to send off their application through your application form.


Once you have saved your privacy policy in this form, applicants are shown a hint regarding your privacy policy before being able to click the button to send off their application.

Please note this privacy policy is just a sample text. Personio may not be held accountable for its completeness or legal accuracy. The sample text does not take into consideration special requirements regarding the sector, organizational structure, legislative framework, or any other requirements your company may have to consider. Please make sure to adapt the sample text to match the legal, organizational, and other requirements your company may have to consider, and add the respective details.



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