Personio Career Page: Template for the Data Privacy Statement


This article explains how to include a data privacy statement on your career page and how to incorporate it into your application process in such a way that your candidates take note of it before they submit their data. As a person or entity responsible for an online application process, you are required by law to process personal data exclusively in accordance with current legislation.

In the context of an application process, this usually involves the execution of pre-contractual measures and/or the candidate's consent. Furthermore, you are responsible for the compliance of your process with the candidate's rights of interest, such as transparent information and rights of access.


Adding the Data Privacy Statement

The data privacy statement for the Personio career page can be added under Settings > Recruiting > Career page.

Candidates must actively confirm that they have acknowledged the data privacy statement before submitting their application.


Please note that Personio, as the operator of your career page, automatically adds a data privacy statement on the processing of (personal) data.

You can find a downloadable template for the data privacy statement in German and in English following this article. The template is intended as a suggestion only, without any claim to completeness or accuracy. In particular, it may not take into account any potential company-specific particularities with regard to industry, organizational structure, legislative environment, etc. Therefore, it is necessary that you adjust the template to suit your specific requirements, and that you add any details that may be missing.


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