How do I upload several documents at once in Personio?

In specific cases you may wish to upload several documents at once in Personio, for one or several employees.

This may be the case in the initial setup process with various documents from an employee's personnel file or later with their monthly payslips you would like to upload.

You can upload several documents in just three steps in Personio and then assign them to the respective employee and document category.

In order for Personio to automatically identify the respective employee and assign the document, the document title must contain the employee's first and last name, separated by a space or an underscore. Examples: Alexandra Edwards Attest, Alexandra_Edwards_contract, Payslip Alexandra Edwards

To start the uploading process, please navigate to Imports in the menu on the left hand side:

1. Upload Files

Please select the file type "Employee Documents (Multiupload):"

Next, please select the documents you would like to upload in the "Files" box and select "Next:"


2. Configure Columns

Assign the document to the respective document category and adapt the document date, if necessary. Personio automatically matches the document with the respective employee using the document title.

The document title must contain the first and last name; it may optionally contain the type of document.


Please confirm by clicking the "Next" button.


3. Import Preview

To complete the importing process, you can both review the documents you selected and check whether they were assigned correctly:

Once you completed the upload process by clicking on "Import," the documents can be found in the employee section under "Documents:"

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