How Do I Delete An Employee?


If you are sure that you really want to delete an employee and not just change their status to Inactive, you have two options:


Important: The deletion of an employee cannot be reversed. Their data cannot be restored.


Deleting an Employee via the Employee List

In the employee list, use the checkboxes to select one or more employees that you want to delete. Navigate to Actions and select Delete employee. To finish and to delete the employee(s) permanently, confirm the process by clicking Delete.


Deleting an Employee via the Employee Profile

Go to the profile of the employee you want to delete. Once in the employee profile, go to the Action button with the three dots at the top right and select Delete employee. To finish and delete the employee permanently, confirm the process by clicking Delete.



Terminating the Employment / Scheduling a Leave Period

If you are unsure, however, whether to irrevocably delete the employee with all of their data, you also have the option of changing their status instead. Inactive employees cannot access Personio and are not counted in your subscription plan. However, they can be included in historical analyses.

Learn here how to terminate an employment in Personio.

Learn here how to schedule a leave period.


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