Step 7: Importing Absences


After creating and assigning absence and accrual policies, you can import historical and planned absences from your existing system into Personio. If all vacation accrual policies have been correctly defined and assigned, as well as all absences have been imported seamlessly, the vacation balance for each employee should match the account balance from your old system. Otherwise, manual adjustment may still be required. For the manual adjustment of the vacation balances of your employees, Personio offers you in principle two possibilities.


Manually enter absence periods

Under Employee profile > Absence, you can add absence types in the lower right corner and enter their corresponding absence periods. If, for example, substitutions are activated for the absence, a substitute can be selected here. It is also possible to specify whether the first / last day of the period is half a day, if this has been set in the account configuration. This is also the interface that allows your employees to apply for leave or to register illnesses in the future.

Days that are stored as days off in the working hour schedules, as well as holidays, are automatically ignored when absences are counted. This is why the set up of holiday calendars and working hour schedules is so important.


Import of absence periods

In order to speed up the process when setting up the account, there is the possibility to import the absence periods using an Excel template. The following columns must be specified in the Excel template:

  1. Email address of the employee; Exactly as it is stored in Personio
  2. Type of absence; Exactly as it is stored in Personio | case-sensitive
  3. Start date; In format DD.MM.YYYY
  4. End date; In format DD.MM.YYYY
  5. Half day first day; If the first day was taken as half a day (1 for yes, otherwise leave blank)
  6. Half day last day; If the last day was taken as half a day (1 for yes, otherwise leave blank)

If you only want to import one day, enter the same date for the start date and end date. If it is half a day, you can use the options Half day first day and Half day last day to select either the first or second half of the day.

Please ensure that the information is complete and correct.

The absence periods can then be imported under Import > Absence periods upload.

  1. Upload file: In your Personio account, under the Import section, upload the file. Select Absence periods upload as the file type.
  2. Configure columns: In the next step, the columns of your Excel file must be assigned to the corresponding attributes stored in Personio. For this, it is useful if these are the same or at least similarly named.
  3. Preview of the import: The last step is to preview the import. In the event that errors occur, you have the option to abort the import and to correct corresponding problems in the Excel table.

We are happy to help you import your data. Just a data check will save you a lot of work. Therefore, you can contact our Service-Team here, if you are planning an import.


Possible one-time account balance adjustment

For absences with accruals, it can happen that the account balance does not exactly match the account balance from your current system. This may have several reasons. For example, the calculation of the balance, by the stored rules, minimally deviates or absence periods are missing.

In order to map the exact account balance from your old system, a single manual adjustment must be made. Depending on whether your company rolls-over leave and when you are granted absence (beginning of the year vs. hire date), this adjustment must be made one day before the accrual date. Please contact our Service-Team here.


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