Step 2: Configuring Offices, Departments and Teams


As your employee import included the employee attributes, Offices, Departments and Teams, all your offices, as well as your departments and teams, have already been automatically created in Personio. Nevertheless, it makes sense to review this information and supplement it if necessary.


How Are Offices Configured?

Your locations have already been created, but important information and settings that can be made manually are still missing.To add them, simply click on Settings > Offices and then Edit. There, you can set up the address, currency, time zone and – if necessary – a customized public holiday calendar for each office.


Why Is It Important to Set Up Public Holiday Calendars?

The correct and complete setup of the public holiday calendar has a significant effect on the calculation of the absence balance. If you define a day as a public holiday in Personio, it is not calculated as an absence even though an employee requests an absence for that day.

A short public holiday calendar example
Some companies have an internal rule that allows employees to only work half days on December 24 and 31, in addition to the public holidays. These half days must be entered into Personio in your customized public holiday calendar. If an employee submits a vacation request for December 24 to 31, this will be calculated as only four vacation days, as shown in the example, since the days shown in green are not counted, or are only counted as half days.


If your company has multiple offices in different states, a separate public holiday calendar can of course be configured and assigned for each office.

Configuring Departments and Teams

Under Settings > Departments and Teams > Departments, you can now define the standard settings that should apply to all departments.


In the Departments tab you can set the full-time weekly working hours. This will be used later on to determine whether an employee is working part-time and to calculate salaries accordingly. Usually, 40 hours per week apply.

The Teams tab gives you an additional option for grouping employees to map complex organizational structures in Personio. First, create all of the teams you require. In a second step, assign these teams to the corresponding employees.





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