Step 2: Configure Offices, Departments and Teams


Since you imported the employee information Office and Department and Teams during the import of the employee data, all of your offices as well as departments and teams were automatically created in Personio. Nevertheless, it is useful to complete and check this information again.


How are offices configured?

Although your offices have already been created, there is still important information and settings missing, which can be completed manually. To do this, simply click on Edit under Configure Account > Offices. Here you have the possibility to set up the address, currency, time zone and - if required - an individual holiday calendar for each office.


Why is it important to set up holiday calendars?

The correct and complete setup of the holiday calendar has a significant effect on the calculation of the holiday account. If a day is saved as a holiday in Personio, this is not calculated as absence for the employee if the employee requests an absence for that day.

A small example for the holiday calendars
Some companies have, for example, the internal regulation that your employees, in addition to the legal holidays, have a half-day off on 24th and 31st December. These half-days must also be stored in your personal holiday calendar. If an employee takes holiday from 24.12. until 03.01. He will be charged only 6 days' leave in the example shown, since the days shown here in green are not (or only half) counted.


If your company has several offices, for example, in different federal states, a special holiday calendar can be configured and allocated for each office.

How are departments and teams configured?

Under Configure Account > Departments and Teams, you can now create default settings, which apply to the entire department and team.


You can set the weekly working hours here. This is then used to determine whether an employee is working part-time and to calculate salaries accordingly. The default is 40 hours per week.

In addition, you have the option of setting a bonus interval, in the event that bonuses in a department are generally linked to targets. The bonus interval can be chosen monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Note, however, that KPIs with other interval settings are automatically deactivated for all employees who have not overwritten this department setting.


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