How does payroll work for several accounting groups?

Personio supports prepared payroll for several accounting groups. For example, you can calculate the payroll for working students separately and set a corresponding accounting period.


Under Configure account > Payroll > Accounting groups you can manage accounting groups and payroll periods.

Accounting groups are formed on the basis of any employee attribute for which there is a predetermined range of options. These include Department, Office as well as any employee attributes of the type List of options. For each accounting group, a different payroll period can be specified.

The payroll period determines the period for which the attendance hours for salary calculation and vacation days are added up.

In the following example, an employee attribute Salary with the options Fixed and Hourly has been created for each employee, the corresponding value is stored:


In the section Payroll, payroll is performed separately for each accounting group. Select the accounting group for which the payroll is to be carried out:

For more information about payroll, click here.


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