How do I set up offboarding for the resignation of an employee?

If an employee leaves your company, important organizational steps must be considered. Personio helps you to keep track of these and allows you to create any number offboarding templates.

The offboarding process in Personio works analogously to the onboarding process and uses the same elements. Therefore, the process of offboarding is also defined in the same place.


1. Creation of offboarding templates

Under Settings > Onboarding you can select the tab Offboarding Templates and create any number of templates for the offboarding process. You may later assign the appropriate staff. You can create appropriately adapted offboarding templates for different departments, locations, or employment relationships.

To create more templates, you can save time by duplicating existing templates and editing them.


2. Creation of offboarding steps

Under the Offboarding Steps tab you can create different process steps. You can later assign different offboarding templates to the steps.

An offboarding step can consist of several sections. The offboarding step "work certificate," for example, can consist of information from the sections "obtain feedback" and "Create job reference." It is entirely up to you to determine how detailed you want to map your processes in Personio.

An overview of all options to define sections is listed in the table below.

Type of step Description
Text information Displays a text which can serve as an explanation for filling out the form. URLs will automatically be converted to links.
Document to download Select a document to be displayed for the employee to download. 
Employee attribute Link to a specific employee attribute, which is filled in automatically.
Profile photo Upload profile photo for this employee.
Checkbox Displays a checkbox that the employee can (or must) click.
Fill in text field Displays a text field that the employee can fill with text.
Fill in URL Displays a text field, in which a valie URLmust be entered.
Upload document Displays a form to upload data which can be linked to category of document management.


3. Allocation of offboarding steps to offboarding template

Now return to the Offboarding Templates tab to link your prepared offboarding templates with the appropriate offboarding steps.

For each offboarding step you can select the person in charge and the deadline at which the step must be completed, depending on the employee's leaving date.


4. Assigning offboarding templates to employees

Once an employment relationship is terminated in Personio, the tab onboarding disappears from the employee profile and is replaced with the offboarding tab. According to the policies in place, Personio will recommend a template. However, you can always choose another template.

After selecting the desired template, a list of all steps with the relevant deadline, the person in charge, and the corresponding status appears. Red stands for open and overdue, yellow for open on schedule, green for done, and gray for skipped. You can delete the template assigned to the employee at any time or assign employee a new template.

Be aware that when you delete or reassign a template the status and information will be deleted from the previous template.

Employees can now perform the steps of offboarding for which they are responsible.

Please note that after assigning an offboarding template, a reminder to complete the offboarding steps will be sent to the corresponding employees.

If this is done well before the date of termination, employees will also receive the reminder very early, which may not always be desired.


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