How do I work with the Employee Overview?

In Personio there are several ways to view all or only some employees. In the main menu, click on Employees.

1. Employee List 

By default, all employees are displayed in a list view and sorted by first name. In the search fields or column headings, you can search for individual employees or use the drop down menu filter according to certain attributes. 

Of course, you can customize the columns individually and add or remove columns. Just click on the button Actions in the upper right corner, and then click Customize columns. 

Now you can add more employee attributes as columns. Based on these attributes, you can filter through all employees and look for specific characteristics.

2. Organigram View

In the Organigram View, you have the opportunity to view your company and employees in a graphical organizational chart. This can also be downloaded as an image by clicking on Export.

If you would like to view the entire corporate structure at a time, you can click on the appropriate employees and the chart will expand to include all employees under a specific supervisor. 

The hierarchies are created by Personio using the information on supervisor relationships you define when entering your employees into Personio.

You can also filter your employees so that the organigram is limited to specific employees (or roles). Simply click the top left on the Add Filter button.

3. Annual Plan View

To get a better overview of your long-term staff planning, Personio also offers an Annual Plan View. Here you can see all employees sorted into their divisions. The icon  indicates that the employee has a contract for the corresponding month. The beginning of employment is indicated in green and the end of a contract is indicated in red. 

Of course, you can create a filter here again. This works in the same way as in the Organigram View described above. For example, to see only the staff planning for sales, you simply choose the department as a filter and then select Sales from the drop down menu. 

4. Table View

Another way to view your employees is in the Table View. This is especially useful when you want to edit one or more attributes of several employees quickly. 

In Table View, you can edit staff attributes directly inline without going to the respective profile of the employee. Just click directly on each cell that you want to update, and you can, for example, directly add a new last name.

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