How do I create a new employee from an existing applicant?


Personio helps you throughout the entire recruitment process to convert an applicant to an employee. If an applicant successfully makes it through your recruiting process, you can prepare an offer through Personio, create a contract document based on a template, and eventually update the applicant to employee status.

To do this, navigate to Recruiting > Applications and select the appropriate applicant. Then click on the tab Offer. From here, there are two ways to continue:



1. Make the applicant an offer

Make the applicant an offer, which he can then accept or reject. To do this, click on Create new offer. Next, you can manage the status of the offer. The different statuses and their corresponding meanings are described in the following table:

Status Description
Open An offer has been created, but not yet confirmed internally (by HR, or the CEO, for example)
Confirmed The offer has been confirmed internally
Sent The offer has been sent to the applicant
Accepted The applicant has accepted the offer
Rejected The applicant has rejected the offer

After creating an offer, you can enter any amount of additional information. Click Edit and then select as many attributes as desired from the drop down menu Please select a field for adding.


The applicant's response can also be tracked in Personio. To do this, select Accepted or Rejected.
If an applicant rejects an offer, you have the option to create a new offer.

Applicants who accept the offer will automatically be added as a new employee of your company in Personio. All information collected to this point. including documents, will be transferred to the employee profile, where they can be edited or deleted.

Using a document template


You can also generate a contract directly from a document template. Simply select the appropriate document template and complete all required fields. Learn how to create document templates here.

By clicking on Send offer you can send the offer to the applicant via email.



2. Update applicants to employees without an offer

In the event that you do not want to make your applicant an offer in Personio, but have already come to an agreement, you can add a new employee without an offer. Just click on Accept applicant and fill in all relevant information, such as the date of hire and salary. Again, you can add additional information by using the drop-down menu option.
Then click on the submit button and the applicant will be automatically detected as a new employee in your company.


Make sure that applicants or new employees have an e-mail address stored, so that they can be clearly identified and receive emails from Personio.


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