Who can give employees access to individual applications?

When creating a job posting, different managers can be specified. Their involvement in the process is determined by "recruiting roles."

To edit this, navigate to Account > Configure Recruiting > Roles.

The default setting is that the "Hiring Manager" does not receive automatic Alerts, but must be notified manually via the feedback function in the system. Thus, it can be ensured that the manager is only included in the process after the screening has taken place.

Generally each employee can be given access to a single application in Personio via the feedback feature. To do this, click on Request review in the applicant overview.

In the following window select one or more employees from the selection field "employees." Additionally, you must choose a recruiting role that determines the type of feedback. Further, comments can be inserted and an automatic e-mail reminder to submit the feedback can be set:

Access rights are then granted according to the selected role for the current application.

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