Using Recruiting Roles to Grant Employees Access to Applications


Personio offers two ways of integrating employees into your recruitment process by assigning them a recruiting role. You can grant access rights either to an entire job opening or to individual candidate profiles. In case you want administrators to receive notifications about evaluations, new notes, etc., you will need to also assign them a recruiting role. 

Please note that a recruiting role is different from an employee role. Click here for an article with more information about this.


Access to Entire Job Openings

Employees who are added to a job opening as position responsible can view all applications for the position. To grant this type of access, open the corresponding job opening via View job details, go to the Responsibles section and click Add responsible in order to select the desired employees and assign a recruiting role to each of them.



Access to individual candidate profiles

If you don't want to define employees as position responsibles for an entire job opening, you also have the option to assign a recruiting role to grant access rights to individual applications. There are two ways to assign access rights to employees:

1. Access based on a recruiting role

Click on the Access tab in the selected candidate profile. You'll see the employees responsible for the position shown on the right. Click on Add employee to assign recruiting roles for this candidate's profile to additional employees, and Save.


2. Access based on interview participation or a feedback request

You can also link access to specific candidate profiles to to-dos via the functions Add interview or Request feedback.

  • To set up an interview: Go to the desired candidate profile and switch to the Interviews tab. Click on New Interview to schedule a new interview. A pop-up window will appear where you need to select the interview type. Now you can select the interviewers, and assign them their appropriate recruiting role. 
  • Request feedback: Navigate to the relevant candidate profile and click on the Request feedback button. Select the employees you want to provide feedback, choose between a feedback comment or an evaluation form, and assign the appropriate recruiting role. Add an optional comment if you wish. Activate an automatic email reminder and specify when you would like it to be sent.


The selected employees and all interviewers and feedback providers are then shown under Employees with access to (candidate name)'s application together with their individual recruiting roles. You can click on Edit at any time to remove access.




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