Set up prorated calculation of PTO for part-time employees

Suppose you have employees who only work a few days a week, say 3 days a week. To ensure that these employees only accrue 3/5ths of the regular paid vacation days and that vacation periods are calculated correctly for part-time employees, you need to follow the steps described below in precisely the sequence given.


1. Creating a part-time work schedule with prorated paid vacations

Go to Settings > Attendance to create a work schedule with the working hour schedule of the part-time employee. Be sure to check the Prorate absence entitlement? checkbox, as the vacation entitlement is calculated proportionally to the working days.



2. Creating the "Paid vacation" absence

As a rule, you would have already done this. If not, you can go to Settings > Absences to add a new Paid vacation absence type. Click here to find out more about how to create absences.



3. Assigning the work schedule

Go to the Employee profile > Attendance to assign the newly created work schedule to the corresponding employees by clicking on Change schedule.

Make sure that you enter the date on which policies accrue under the start date (From when?). This is usually January 1 of the year in which the employee joined, not the employee's hire date.



4. Assigning the vacation accrual policy

Go to the Employee profile > Absences to assign an accrual policy to the employee by clicking on Set policy now.


The employee's prorated vacation entitlements are then displayed in their profile.




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