How does the prorated vacation calculation work for part-time employees?

Suppose you have employees who work only a few days a week, for example, 3 days a week. For these employees to receive only 3/5 of normal leave and to make sure vacation for part-time employees is calculated correctly, the following steps must be completed in order.

1. Creation of a part-time working hour schedule with corresponding leave

Under Configure account > Attendance create a working hour schedule with the working hours of part-time. Make sure that the box Prorate vacation is checked. The vacation quota will be calculated in proportion to the working days.

2. Creation of Vacation absence type

Typically, you will have already done this. If not, under Configure account > Absence you can add a new type of absence, Vacation. More about how to create absence types can be found here.


3. Allocation of the working hour schedule

Under Employee Profile > Attendance assign a working hour schedule by clicking on the corresponding employee and adding the newly created working hour schedule.

Take great care that the start date (Since when?) entered will be assigned to the quotas. Typically, this is January 1 of the year in which the employee began working and not the date the employee started.

4. Allocation of vacation accrual policy

Under Employee Profile > Absence, click on Set policy now to assign an accrual policy.

The vacation days will now appear in the employee profile and correspond proportionally to the number of days worked.

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