How do I create sections and attributes in an employee profile?

To store a lot of information for your employees, you have the possibility to create employee attributes and to sort them into sections. These are then displayed in the employee profile.

Add sections

To add new sections and attributes or to edit or delete existing ones, navigate to Configure account > Employee information. Under the tab Sections you can create any number of sections under which to sort attributes.

Add attributes

Under the Attributes tab you can see the existing attributes and the corresponding section the attribute is listed under (in bold). Attributes with a small lock are system attributes and can not be deleted, edited or moved. Attributes with the four arrows are ones you have added and can be moved by drag and drop within a section or to a different section.

When you create a new attribute, you can give the attribute a name and choose which section it should be created in. Additionally, you will be asked to choose an attribute type.

Text field   First Name, Last Name, Email, Telephone number
Multi-line Text field   e.g Description text
Number   Will be formatted as decimal; not to be used for phone number, personnel number, etc.
Date   e.g. Birthday
Link   Social network profile
Selection list   e.g. Yes/No questions or residence status (native, EU citizen, Non-EU citizen)
Multiple selection   Cost centers, Allergies, Company-internal sports groups

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