How does the deletion of applicant data work?

To delete applicant data after the fulfillment of its purpose, according to Data Protection Act, you can activate automatic deletion of application data in Personio.

Activation of automatic deletion

Under Configure account > Recruiting activate the automatic deletion of application data by clicking on the Edit button and activating the check box:

Also enter the number of days after the withdrawal or rejection of the application the personal data should be deleted.

The data of which applicants will be deleted?

Data of applicants who have been rejected or have withdrawn their application are automatically deleted after a specified number of days.

In addition to the automatic deletion of applicant data, you can also delete personal data directly in the list of applicants.

What data is deleted?

The following information is deleted:

  • Application documents
  • The message history of the applicant incl. attachments
  • Email address, telephone number, and the applicant's birthday

The name of the candidate is also anonymized.

If the applicant has applied for several jobs, the data of the applicant will be kept for the time being.

The anonymized application is retained for reporting purposes.

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