Anonymizing and Deleting Applicant Data


Personio enables you to protect the data of your applicants according to the EU GDPR. By activating the automatic applicant anonymization, you can remove all personal data when it's no longer needed.

Please note that the anonymization of applicants is irreversible: the data cannot be recovered, but will be retained for your reports in anonymized form.


Automatic Anonymisation

Navigate to Settings > Recruiting > General and activate the automatic anonymization of applicant data using the checkbox:


Also enter the number of days after which the data is to be anonymized, if an applicant is rejected or withdraws the application.


Manual Anonymization of Applicant Data

(Bulk) Anonymization

Personal data of applicants cannot only be anonymized automatically, but also manually. In the applicant list, you can do this for a single applicant or for several using the bulk function.

Under Recruiting > Applications use the checkboxes to select all applicants whose personal data you want to delete and then navigate to Actions. Click on Anonymize application.


Anonymization in the Applicant Profile

You can also anonymize the data directly in a specific Applicant profile. To do this, go to the three points and select Anonymize application.



What data is anonymized?

The following information is anonymized:

  • Name of the applicant
  • All application documents
  • The message history incl. the attachments
  • Email address, phone number and the applicant's birthday
  • Offers
  • Evaluations; all quantitative evaluations, however, will be retained

If the applicant has applied for several jobs, the data of the applicant will be kept for the time being.


Deletion of applicant data

If you are sure that you do not only want to anonymize data, but completely delete applicant profiles, you have two options.

Please note that the deletion of applicants is irreversible: the data cannot be recovered and is no longer available in anonymized form for your reports.



Under Recruiting > Applications, select multiple applicants via the checkboxes you want to delete from Personio and then navigate to Actions. Click on Delete application there.



Deletion in the Applicant Profile

Alternatively, you can also remove the applicants in the Applicant profile by clicking on the three points and Delete application.



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