How do I set up onboarding?

To ensure that new employees feel comfortable in your company from the start and that their transition goes smoothly, Personio offers the option to create Onboarding templates. This way you can ensure that new employees are welcomed, all the necessary information is requested, accounts are set up and ready by the start date, the working area is made ready, and working materials are prepared and available. 

1. Create Onboarding Templates

Under Configure account > Onboarding you can create any number of Onboarding templates to welcome employees from different departments, offices, or with different employment contracts.


To save time, you can duplicate existing Onboarding templates, rename them, and then edit them according to your requirements.


2. Create Onboarding steps

Under the Onboarding Steps tab you can create any number of individual steps, which can be added to an Onboarding template later.

An Onboarding step can, in turn, have several items which may, for example, ask the staff to upload a profile picture, complete employee attributes such as social security number, or upload documents.


An overview of all the options to define items is provided in the table below.

Type of item Description
Text information Displays a text which can serve as an explanation for filling the remaining form. URLs will automatically be converted to links.
Download document Select a document which the employee will be asked to download. 
Employee attribute Connect to a specific employee attribute, which is filled in automatically.
Profile photo Upload a profile photo for this employee.
Checkbox Displays a Checkbox, which the employee can (or must) click).
Complete text field Displays a text field, in which text can be entered.
Provide URL Displays a text field, in which a valid URL must be entered.
Upload document Displays a form, in which data can be uploaded and linked to a category in the document management.

3. Allocate Onboarding steps to an Onboarding template

In the Onboarding Templates tab, you can assign previously defined Onboarding steps to one or more Onboarding templates. Here you can define who is responsible for the completion of each step and when the step must be completed. In this way, different departments can easily be integrated into the Onboarding process.


4. Assign Onboarding templates to employees

To assign an Onboarding template to an employee, go to the employee profile of that employee and select the Onboarding tab.


After assigning the template, a list of all necessary Onboarding steps with the relevant deadline, as well as one of four statuses appear (pending and past due (red), pending on-time (yellow), completed (green) or skipped (gray)). You can delete assigned templates at any time or assign the employee a new template.

Please note that when you delete or assign a new template the status and information will be deleted from the previous template.


Employees can now perform the Onboarding steps for which they are responsible.


Please note that when assigning an Onboarding template, Reminders to complete the steps are sent to the appropriate personnel. If this happens well before the new employee's start date, the reminders will be sent very early, which may not be desired.


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