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You can easily track your employees' progress by setting targetsleaving performance comments, and setting up feedback meetings in Personio.

This articles explains how to create feedback meetings, e.g. for development discussions with your employees.


Creating a Feedback Meeting

To create a feedback meeting, go to the employee's Performance section and select Feedback meeting from the drop-down menu on the right. Add a category and a date. Learn here how to set up feedback categories.


After the feedback meeting has been created, you can add participants, change and specify the date and time, set a location and add internal comments that are not visible to the employee. You can also print these notes using the Export button.


Once you have finished your settings, change the status from Created to Scheduled to send invitations to the participants. The following table provides an overview of the different statuses and what they mean.

Status Description
created Default status after the feedback meeting has been created
scheduled iCal invitations are automatically sent to all participants
completed The feedback attributes that have been previously defined in the account configuration can be filled in and saved
cancelled An iCal cancellation is automatically sent to all participants

In your system calendar, feedback meetings can be found in the Events Calendar. Click on the meeting to be taken directly to the employee's Performance section.



Recording Feedback Results

After the feedback meeting has taken place, update the status to Completed and fill in the feedback attributes that you had previously defined. You may also add a document if desired. Click Save to complete this process. You can go back any time to retrieve the results from the discussion.

Click Delete feedback, if you want to delete the feedback meeting.




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