Create and Manage a Performance Meeting


This article explains how to create and manage a performance meeting, such as a development discussion, with an employee, in Personio.


What is a Performance Meeting in Personio?

Performance meetings can be used to schedule any performance or general feedback-related meeting between employees in Personio. Scheduled meetings are automatically added to the Events Calendar of each attending employee, and an invitation email notification is sent to the participants.


Create a Performance Meeting

Performance meetings can be created in the respective Employee's profile > Performance by selecting Create new meeting in the meeting section on the right. 


To create a performance meeting, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Create new Meeting in the Performance tab of the employee you want to create the meeting for.
  2. Add the mandatory meeting details title, date and time as well as additional information like location and a description.

    If you want to schedule a remote meeting, you can also add the link under Location so each participant can access it from the meeting details.

  3. Add additional participants who should take part in the meeting. Note that the employee for whom you create the meeting is a mandatory participant and will be added automatically.
  4. Choose a feedback form to add to the meeting agenda. You can only choose feedback that have been published, such as a self-reflection the employee prepared in advance.
  5. Confirm your entries by clicking on the button Schedule.

▶︎ Only forms created and published via My profile > Performance > Compose feedback can be added.
▶︎ It is possible to add feedback forms after a meeting has taken place.


Manage a Performance Meeting

After the performance meeting is scheduled, each participant receives an invitation email with the meeting information and an ical link to add the event to their calendar.

In addition, the meeting will be added to each participant's Events Calendar > My calendar. To navigate back to the respective employee's Performance tab, click on the calendar entry.





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