How Do I Export Interview Appointments to My Google Calendar via ICal?


This article explains how to integrate arranged interviews into your Google calendar via ICal export.

If you want to export interview appointments, but also create and manage them directly in Personio, find out about setting up calendar integration for interview scheduling in this article.


Synchronizing My Calendar with ICal

You can synchronize Personio calendars with your own calendar using ICal. Find out how to connect to ICal to export a calendar here. You can export either the Recruiting calendar or My calendar to add recruiting interviews to your Google Calendar.


The Recruiting calender contains all interviews that are planned in the company, whereas My calendar only has those interview appointments for which you have been invited or will participate in.

For interviews in Created status, no email invitations are sent. Once their status is Scheduled, the interview participants receive an invitation via email. Click here to learn how to apply the correct status to an interview.

In the employee calendar Recruiting, however, all interviews that have the status Created are already displayed with corresponding entries and can be seen by all employees with access rights for the Recruiting calendar. Which calendars are available to the employee for export is decided when you configure the calendar access rights for each employee role. Click here for further information on this topic.

We recommend exporting interview appoints via My Calendar and thus integrating only those appointments and data in your personal Google Calendar that are relevant to you.

The exported calendar is synchronized automatically, as your calendar application retrieves the current status of your Personio calendar regularly via the link provided.


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