Configuring Questionnaires for Candidate Evaluation


This article describes how to carry out structured candidate evaluations using customizable questionnaires.


Evaluation Forms

You can create a range of evaluation forms under Settings > Recruiting > Evaluation. Evaluation forms consist of sections that can be used multiple times. Add sections via the "+" button, and use drag and drop to arrange them as desired:


The sections Key Takeaways and Overall Recommendation are components of any evaluation form and designed to provide a clear and concise summary of the evaluation.



The reusable sections may be composed of the following elements; note that scales and text fields can be supplemented with additional informative text to provide guidance to the evaluator:

  1. Title
    Titles facilitate the organization of questionnaires in blocks.
  2. Scale
    Scales consist of descriptive text (title), the labels for the lowest and highest score (labeling), and a weighting. The weighting allows the importance of individual questions to be reflected on a scale between 0 and 1.
  3. Text field
    Text fields are used to enter qualitative feedback.


For more information on how to use customizable questionnaires, we recommend reading this article. You will learn how to ensure a uniform evaluation for your candidates. 




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