How can recommendation letters be generated from a template?

The generation of a recommendation letter for any employee can be carried very quickly by simply filling out a corresponding template. In order to do this, the template must first be created to include all areas to be assessed with the respective review options.


Create the template

All details about the creation of document templates can be found here.
You can also download a sample template.

The text fragments to assess the employee can be inserted into the template from a selection of texts. The format is as follows:

[[ block_name [ option_name: text ] [ option_name: text ] ]]

An example:

||Mr|Ms|| {{last_name}} has always been able to carry out ||his|her|| responsibility. ]
||Mr|Ms|| {{last_name}} has sometimes been able to carry out ||his|her|| responsibility.
||Mr|Ms|| {{last_name}} was hardly able to carry out ||his|her|| responsibility.

Create any number of such blocks of text so that all areas to be evaluated are covered.


Generate letter of recommendation for an employee

General information about using document templates can be found here. To generate a document based on a template, navigate to the Documents tab of an employee and click on the button Create new.

If you have created text blocks in the selected document template according to the instructions above, you can select for each of the blocks one of the options:

The selection then results in the corresponding text block:


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