Step 8: Reviewing Employee Roles and Access Rights


Now that all your data and processes have been stored in Personio, it is important in the last step to assign the access rights for certain employee roles correctly. This ensures that your employees can only view or edit the areas and information in Personio that are intended for them.


Review of Employee Roles

Under Configure account > Employee roles, you have the option of viewing your individual employee roles. The gray number indicates the number of active employees in the respective roles. You can now easily add employees to one or more employee roles. You find a more detailed description in our article on Creating and Managing Employee Roles.


In addition, you have the option to configure reminders, access to calendars, and security settings.


Assigning Reminders


Under Configure account > Employee Roles > Reminders, you can assign reminders to employee roles. This will automatically remind all employees of this role. For example, you can inform HR employees about upcoming employee birthdays.



Calendar Access
Under Configure account > Employee Roles > Calendar, select which calendars the employees of a role should have access to. All employees have access to their own calendar with reminders and meeting dates.



Under Configure account > Employee Roles > Security, you have the option to set a 2-factor authentication for certain employee roles. This setting means that employees in this role must additionally authenticate themselves with a token when logging on. This is generated by the Google Authenticator app, which your employees should download on their smartphone.



Assigning Access Rights

One great thing about Personio is the precise allocation of access rights to different employee groups. Go to Configure account > Employee roles > Access rights to specify separate access rights for various employee roles.



Access Rights

View This right allows someone to simply view the related data.
Propose This right allows someone to make suggestions to adjust the according data.

Note that this setting requires the set up of a corresponding approval process. Read more information on that here.

Edit This right allows someone to edit the respective data.


Access Levels

Own This level is limited to the employee's own data only 
My Reports This level only applies to supervisors and grants them access to the data of all employees who can be associated with them directly or indirectly. However, the supervisor's own data is excluded. Should this access also be provided, please select Own in addition.
For more detailed information please refer to the article General access rights
Custom This level spans a customized selection of employees. Define the included group of employees by filters.
All This level covers all active employees, except oneself


As an administrator you can log in as any employee in Personio to check your configured access rights. To do so, click on the icon Login as this employee which you can find in the upper right corner of each employee profile.


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