Sending Emails from the Company SMTP Server


This article provides information on the settings you need to apply to send emails from Personio via your company's SMTP server.

To keep interactions with candidates as efficient and transparent as possible, you have the option of handling all communications with them via Personio using your company’s email address.

Companies with several sub-companies can store separate email addresses for the main company and each sub-company.

We suggest that you work with your internal IT department to configure the SMTP settings.


Communication Process with Candidates

A candidate sends an application to your company email address. A redirection set up in your email account ensures that the application automatically arrives in your Unassigned messages in the recuiting section. After it has been received, you can manage it in Personio.

The email communication with the candidate now happens directly from Personio. For the candidate to receive your emails from the company email address, they have to be routed via your email server.

See the following screenshot for a visualization of the process:


Perform the following three steps to ensure that email communications from Personio run smoothly:


1. Set up the Redirection of Applications

To be able to manage incoming applications in Personio, you need to set up a redirection to the Company recruiting email address in your company's email inbox. Make sure that the original header of the email is also transmitted and a copy stored on your company email server. If you are unsure which settings are necessary for this, contact your company's IT department. You'll find the Company recruiting email address under Settings > Recruiting > General > Recruiting email settings > Company recruiting email address.



2. Set up the Sender's Email Address

In the next step, store your company's own email address (i.e. the main company's address) where candidates should send their applications. To do this, navigate to Settings > Recruiting > General > Recruiting email settings and click on Edit. Select Yes for the question Use custom email address? Store the required email address in the field Custom email address. Once you have saved the address, click on Send test mail. Personio will send a test email and check whether the email redirection from your email server to the company recruiting email address works. If the redirection has been successfully set up (Step 1), the test email (and subsequent applications) will automatically land in the Unassigned messages



3. Set up the Connection to the SMTP Server

In the next step, apply the SMTP settings (for your main company) that are necessary to send outgoing messages from your company email address directly from Personio.

To do this, go to Settings > Recruiting > General > Recruiting email settings > Use custom email address? Yes > Use for sending emails? and click on Yes to open the SMTP settings.

Without the SMTP settings, your messages will be sent via the company recruiting email address (here: If your SMTP server only allows the sending of emails from certain documented IP addresses, whitelist our recruiting IP addresses, and to ensure the transmission runs smoothly.

Enter the information necessary to establish the connection in the SMTP settings. Make sure that the user name you enter is the email address you have previously defined as your custom email address. The SMTP settings ensure that emails sent from within Personio are sent to the candidate via your internal server.

Click here for more detailed technical information on SMTP settings.


Once you have entered and saved the SMTP settings, you can test the connection. Click on the Test connection button to verify whether the SMTP settings have been configured correctly.  If a connection to your SMTP server cannot be successfully established, an error message will be displayed that you can then forward to your internal IT department to locate the error in the settings. 

Click here for further information on setting up your SMTP connection.


4. Setting up Email Addresses for Sub-companies

If you have set up various sub-companies within your Personio account, you are able to use separate email addresses for communicating with candidates for each sub-company. Define which sub-company a position belongs to in the position details. Candidates applying for the position then receive the messages you are sending them from the Messages tab in the candidate profile from the email address stored in the STMP settings for the sub-company. This also applies to rejection emails, which you can trigger by clicking on the Reject button, or to offers of contract that you can send from the Offer tab. The sender's email address for any emails is always visible in the Messages section even after the email has been sent. 


To store an email address for a sub-company, go to Settings > Recruiting > General > Recruiting email settings and select Yes for the question Use custom email address? Under Your domains, you can access various settings for the sub-companies. The page navigation allows you to switch between the main company (top) and sub-companies (underneath). You have already configured the settings for the main company in the previous steps described in this article. 

Next, click on the sub-company you wish to edit and enter the required email address in Custom email address. Click on Yes for the question Use for sending emails? and then store the relevant SMTP settings as described in step 3


If you leave a sub-company's Custom email address field empty, the settings made for the main company are applied to this sub-company. 


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