How do I send email from the company's own SMTP server?

To send emails to applicants via your SMTP server, these three setup steps must be followed:

  1. Set up connection to the SMTP server

    Under Configure account > Recruiting > Email you can enter the information required to set up the connection:

  2. Set the sender's e-mail address

    Under Configure account > Recruiting > General you should enter the email address to which applications should be sent:

    This entry is used as the sender address for outgoing mail.

    The field Email for applicants refers to both incoming applications, as well as outgoing messages to applicants.

  3. Set up the forwarding of applications

    To manage incoming applications in Personio, they must be forwarded from the email address specified in Step 2 to your Personio inbox address. This can be found as Inbound email address under Configure account > Recruiting > General:

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