How to send an email from the company's own SMTP server

In order to make Recruiting even more efficient and clearer, Personio offers the possibility to receive applications sent to your own jobs e-mail address via forwarding in the Personio Inbox. Furthermore you have the possibility to send e-mails from Personio via your own jobs e-mail address.

How does this work?

The process represents a continuous cycle:
An applicant sends an application to your internal Jobs e-mail address. This will be forwarded to your Personio Inbox. After receiving the application you want to answer the applicant in Personio. However, the applicant should not notice that the e-mail is sent from the Personio Inbox, but from your internal Jobs e-mail address. To do this, the e-mail must first be routed through your e-mail server before it reaches the applicant.

What you need to do to set up this automation? Three setup steps need to be followed.

  1. Set up connection to the SMTP server

    Under Settings > Recruiting > Email you can enter the information required to set up the connection. The SMTP link ensures that the email sent from Personio is first sent to your internal server and from there sent to the applicant. In case of problems with the SMTP setup, you can find help here.Bildschirmfoto_2018-09-18_um_11.30.58.png

  2. Set the sender's e-mail address

    Under Settings > Recruiting > General > Custom inbound email address, enter the e-mail address to which your applicants send their application documents. After a redirection has been set up (step 3), this setting ensures that the email that the applicant sends to your internal job email address, is automatically redirected to the Personio Inbox. 


    The field Custom inbound email address refers to both incoming applications, as well as outgoing messages to applicants.

    However, the applicant will only be answered via your own inbound e-mail address if the SMTP settings are correctly (Step 1). 
  3. Set up the forwarding of applications

    To manage incoming applications in Personio, they must be forwarded from the email address specified in Step 2 to your Personio inbox address. This can be found as Inbound email address under Settings > Recruiting > General.


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