How do I track different recruiting channels?

  1. Through postings published on Personio

    Personio allows you to easily publish job postings on several channels. Applicants who wish to apply for your job, land directly on your Personio job site (more information). It is automatically tracked via which channel the applicant came to the posting.

  2. Through manually published postings

    For job postings that were published outside Personio on an external channel, you can create the corresponding channel in Personio and add the posting. Under Recruiting > Job openings open a job posting and click Add channel:

    Select the desired channel and click on Add.

    Recruiting channels can be created and managed under Configure account > Recruiting > Channels.

    A URL with tracking parameters for this channel and posting appears that you can copy and paste in your ad before publication.

  3. Through using the Personio job site

    Via the tracking URL placed in your advertisement, applicants arrive at the corresponding posting on your Personio job site and will be automatically assigned to the corresponding channel.

  4. Through using a separate job site

    If you have selected a specific job page URL under Edit position the tracking URL is generated based on this:

    Alternatively, the tracking URL is generated on the basis of the saved job page URL (Configure account > Recruiting):

    If no specific URL is created for a position, your general job site URL must be redirected to the job posting through the job_position_id parameter.

    If an applicant reaches your job site via a tracking URL, you can read the ID of the recruiting channel after the URL parameter _pc. When sending the application to the API Personio the value must be passed as recruiting_channel_id so the applicant is registered in Personio and linked to the correct recruiting channel. More information about our Recruiting API can be found here.

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