How do I set up a (multilingual) job posting?

Personio currently supports creating vacancies in the languages German and English.

Complete the company profile and job description attributes

Under Configure account > Recruiting > Job page, you can create your company profile for job postings in both English and German by clicking on Edit:

Subsequently, under Job descriptions any job description attribute can be created in multiple languages:

Create job openings

Under Recruiting > Job openings can be created by clicking on Add job opening:

By then clicking on job opening, the description can be specified more precisely. Click the language drop down menu to switch between languages of the job posting:

Preview the job posting in the selected language by clicking on the Preview button. 

For one job posting, several positions can be created so that multiple employees can be found for positions that start at different times.

Click on Add job opening to create a second position for the job posting:

For how to publish a job opening, click here

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