How does the preparation of payroll accounting work?

The payroll bookkeeping function in Personio supports your monthly accounting, by creating an export file in Excel format containing all the required data based on your company-specific configuration.



When the payroll is due, the responsible employees receive an email notification and a To-Do in their Personio Dashboard to complete the payroll for the month:

In the preview box of the payroll all data can be examined to see if any adjustments need to be made.

If all of the data is correct, you can click on the button Generate now to create an excel export which can be verified and downloaded if necessary. By clicking on Close and send the payroll is recorded and could be sent to an accountant when needed.


In analogy to the procedure steps through the payroll each month, payroll can have the following three statuses:

Status Meaning
Open The payroll for the month is still open, a preview is already available
Review On the due date of the payroll (setting in account configuration), the status is set to review and a review of the data can take place.
Submitted The recorded payroll of the month is finished and the generated export can not be changed.



Under Settings > Salary & Payroll you can set the date that triggers the e-mail notification and set the payroll status to Review. The section Attributes in payroll exports allows you to specify any attributes that are then created as columns in the payroll:


More information about setting the accounting period as well as various accounting groups can be found here.


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