Step 9: Configuring Approval Rulesets


Once all your data and processes have been stored in Personio, your company's internal approval rulesets can be easily and individually reflected for various sections. This ensures that certain information, such as absences, cannot be stored in Personio until it has been approved by defined employees. Approval rulesets can be defined for the following, for example:

  • Absences (e.g. for approving paid leave)
  • Attendances (e.g. for approving attendance hours of student trainees)
  • Employee data (e.g. for approving changes to critical employee information by employees themselves)

Employees must have at least Proposal rights for their own data (Own) in the relevant section of their employee roles to be able to trigger an approval process. The default settings allow administrators and employees with editing rights to decide for each absence request whether to trigger or skip the relevant approval ruleset.

Go to Settings > Approvals to define any number of approval rulesets for the different sections.


Approvals For All Employees

Personio comes with a default approval ruleset which is applicable to all employees and can be expanded by individual approval steps by clicking on Add approval step.


You are able to create a hierarchy of a wide range of approval steps. The various steps you define must be completed in sequence and need to be approved by each level in the hierarchy before they are passed on to the next.


If you would like several employees to be able to confirm an approval, you can set this up by requiring the respective process to be approved by an employee role, which is then assigned to the relevant employees.


Special Rulesets for Certain Employees

Click on Add new ruleset to define an approval ruleset for certain employees only. To do so, first select an employee filter to define the employees to be covered by the ruleset, then click on Add.


If you haven't yet created an employee filter, start by clicking on Manage employee filters. This function allows you to create employee filters, which you can reuse for a number of approval rulesets. Read this article for further information on managing employee filters in Personio.

You can add a new filter and configure it according to your needs by clicking on Edit. Click on Add rule to add rules to the filter. Please note that all filtering criteria defined for employee filters must be met – these are not OR filters.


Once a special ruleset has been added with the corresponding employee filter, you can add approval steps to the approval ruleset as described above.


If several processes and filters apply to an employee, the default approval ruleset will be implemented.


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