How do applicants reach the Personio Recruiting Tool?

Applications to job advertisements can reach the Personio Recruiting Tool through five different ways:

  1. Through your Personio job site
    This option does not require any set up. Applicants who apply through your Personio job site are automatically created and assigned to the relevant job. More details for use of the the jobs page can be found here.
  2. Through the Personio API
    After you integrate open vacancies from Personio into your own website (instructions for this can be found here.), you can send applications to the Personio API. This way, applications will be linked to the open vacancies and applicants will be created in the recruiting tool.
    Technical details for use of Personio Recruiting API can be found here
  3. Through external recruiting channels
    Applicants who apply for jobs that have been published on external channels through Personio are automatically created in Personio Recruiting Tool.
  4. Through incoming emails
    Applicants emails can be forwarded to These then appear in your Inbox Recruiting and can be assigned from there with a single click of the corresponding job posting.
  5. Through manual creation
    Applicants can be added manually in the detail view of a vacancy under Recruiting > Job openings.

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