How do I integrate job postings from Personio in my own website?

The integration of open vacancies in your own website should be performed by an IT expert.

Current open job postings can be called up in XML format under The following elements are included:

Element Wert Typ
id Id der Ausschreibung int
subcompany Name der Subcompany string
office Name des Büros string
department Name der Abteilung string
recruitingCategory Name der Recruiting Kategorie string
name Name der Ausschreibung string
jobDescriptions Array an Beschreibungen array
 - name Name der Beschreibung string
 - value Beschreibungstext character data (HTML)
employmentType 'permanent', 'intern', 'trainee' oder 'freelance' string
seniority 'entry-level', 'experienced', 'executive' oder 'student' string
schedule 'full-time' oder 'part-time' string
yearsOfExperience  'lt-1', '1-2', '2-5', '5-7', '7-10', '10-15' oder 'gt-15' string

By default, the list of job postings is created in German. For retrieval in English, a "language" parameter with the value "en" must be appended:

Publication of vacancy notices

The XML interface can be enabled or disabled under Configure account > Recruiting:

Newly created vacancies are published by default on your Personio job site and in your XML feed.

Hiding open job postings

For how to hide open vacancies, please click hier.

Transfer of applications to Personio

Applications can be transferred to the Personio Recruiting module via the Personio API. More details can be found here.

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