How do I use the Personio job website?

Your individual and multilingual Personio job site must be activated under Configure account > Recruiting > General.

Once you have activated, it can be accessed under the address
For example, the company Maier GmbH with the Personio URL would access their job site at

Information about creating job advertisements can be found here.

Publication of job openings

Newly created job openings are published by default on your Personio job site and in your XML feed.

Hiding job openings

To learn how to hide job openings, please click here.

Configure your Personio job site

Under Configure account > Recruiting > Job page, you can customize your corporate profile for all languages and customize the appearance of your job site.

Deactivating your Personio job site

Under Configure account > Recruiting > Job page > Edit, you can deactivate the job website. More details can be found here.

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