Transferring Candidates to the Personio Recruiting API


This article describes where you can find all of the relevant information to set up the Personio Recruiting API.

If you would like to use your own application form instead of the Personio career page, you can set up a link to Personio so that new applications are automatically created as Personio candidate profiles.
The prerequisite for this is the correct setup of the Personio Recruiting API.


The transfer of candidates into the Personio Recruiting API should be done by an IT expert.

To transmit an application to Personio, a POST request must be sent to Detailed documentation of all the parameters that must be included in the POST request, as well as a list of possible API responses, can be found in our Developer Hub.

The Recruiting API access token and the Company ID can be found in your Personio account under Settings > API > Credentials.

If the transfer is made directly via an HTML <form> element, it must contain the enctype="multipart/form-data" attribute.

Please note that the Personio Recruiting API only accepts candidates for positions published in Personio.


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