How Do Absence Substitutes Work?



Under Settings > Absence, you can configure the substitute arrangements individually for each absence type. You can find further information on configuring absence types here.

Please note that neither access rights nor approval processes are transferred to the substitute.


Prerequisites for Substitute Requests

Depending on whether the substitute request is optional or required within an absence type, employees can or must specify a substitute in the absence request. Any of the employees who have viewing rights for the public profile can be selected here.


For example, if the All employees role has viewing rights for All public profiles, then employees can select anyone in the workforce as a substitute.

Additionally, you can only select employees who are not absent themselves. This does not apply to absences that fall under the category Home office

Making a Substitute Request


If a substitute is required, they can be selected directly in the absence request. The absence request can then be directly accepted or rejected by the substitute on their home screen.


If an approval process has been defined for the corresponding absence type, the substitute must first accept the request to trigger the defined approval process. Find out here how to define approval processes for individual absence types.


How Substitution Periods Are Shown in the Calendar

The personal absence calendar the employee on leave shows both, the approved absence and the substitute.


The substitute's personal absence calendar also shows the substitution period in gray to provide a clear overview:





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