Configuring Part-time Employment


Part-time employment is configured in Personio via the following two components: Weekly Hours and Work Schedule.


Setting Up the Weekly Hours

Option 1: Enter the employee's weekly hours in the respective employee profile under HR information by clicking on Edit


Option 2: Alternatively, edit the weekly hours directly in the Salary tab by selecting Edit > Change salary:


Note that the part-time employee's prorated salary is calculated automatically, based on the number of weekly working hours that you have entered.


Configuring Work Schedules

Work schedules are needed so that Personio can correctly calculate the leave entitlements and to track overtime. In the employee profile, go to the Attendance tab and click on Change schedule to assign a work schedule that has previously been defined under Settings > Attendance, or to set up a custom schedule for the individual:


In the weekly overview of the model, start by defining the days that are to be considered working days. For the respective working days, enter either the contractually agreed working hours only, or optionally, add the start, finish and break times as well.

Activate the prorated vacation calculation. Then, under Reference value for the prorated vacation calculationenter the standard number of working days for a full-time employee in your company. This reference value is the denominator for the calculation of part-time leave entitlements.

Note: The Reference value for the prorated vacation calculation is used to define an overall value for the scope of a full working week in your company.


Number of working days per week according work schedule Reference value for the prorated vacation calculation: A full-time employee's standard number of working days per week Annual leave days when working full time Prorated leave day calculation

5 (Mon-Fri / full time)

5 24 days 5/5*24 = 24 days

4 (Mon-Thu / part time)

5 24 days 4/5*24 = 19.2 days

4 (Mon-Thu / part time)

6 24 days 4/6*24 = 16 days

Note that the prorated leave entitlement is calculated automatically, based on the reference value for the prorated vacation calculation defined in the work schedule. The leave entitlement is therefore re-calculated pro rata from the date from which the work schedule applies.


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