Configuring part-time work


The configuration of part-time work in Personio includes the two components weekly hours and working schedule.


Weekly hours

The number of weekly working hours can be edited in the respective employee profile under HR information by clicking on Edit:

The relation of weekly working hours to the regular departmental working hours gives a percental value of e.g. 50%.

Please note that the salary for part-time workers is calculated automatically and prorated based on the amount of weekly hours. Hence, when adding the salary, the part-time value affects the amount of weekly hours.



Working hours schedule 

By clicking on Change schedule in the Attendance tab of an employee, you can assign a predefined working hour schedule, which must be set up under Settings > Attendance beforehand, or create a custom schedule.


In the weekly overview, first define which days within this model are to be considered working days. Enter either only the contractually agreed daily hours or, in addition, the break, start, and end times for the respective working days.

Activate the checkbox for Prorate vacation and define under Reference value for the prorated vacation calculation the amount of working days of a full-time employee at your company. This reference value is the denominator for the calculation of the prorated vacation entitlement.

Please note that the Reference value for the prorated vacation calculation refers to a general value which defines the scope of a full working week within your company across all employees.


Amount of weekly working days according to the working hour schedule Reference value for the prorated vacation calculation:
Standard amount of days a full-time employee is present per week   
Yearly vacation entitlement for a full working week Prorated vacation calculation

5 (mo-fr /

5 24 days 5/5*24=24 days

4 (mo-thu /

5 24 days 4/5*24=19,2 days

4 (mo-thu /

6 24 days 4/6*24=16 days 

Please note that the vacation entitlement is automatically calculated prorated based on the Reference value for the prorated vacation calculation defined in the working hour schedule. Hence, the vacation entitlement is recalculated (prorated) for the validity date of the working time model.


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