Adjusting the Custom Hours for a Department


In this article, you will learn how to define the weekly working hours for each of your departments in Personio and how to adjust them for part-time employees.


Defining Weekly Working Hours for Departments and Teams

Under Settings > Departments and Teams you can enter the weekly hours for a department by clicking on Edit. The prorated salary of a part-time employee is calculated based on the ratio of their weekly hours to the weekly hours of their department.



Entering Weekly Working Hours Into the Employee Profile

If the number of weekly hours differs for individual employees in the department, they can be entered manually via Employee profile > Information > Weekly hours. Please note that this will automatically adjust the salary.

The weekly hours are used to calculate the salary of a part-time employee via Employee profile > Salary > Edit > Change salary.

First, enter the salary for a 100% position. Then manually enter the weekly hours to automatically calculate the effective salary.



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