How do I add certain absence types for my company?

Go to Configure account > Absence to set up or edit the customized absence types for your company. 


Adding a new absence type

To add a new absence type choose a meaningful label and simply click on the plus button:

You can then choose the specific settings for your new absence type:


See the explanations for some of the options below

Option Explanation
Valid on Define on which days certain absence types are valid and can account for the absence calculation
Half days Taking off half-days is allowed
Enable substitute requests Enable the selection of a substitute while requesting absence
Absence requests are allowed while substituting a colleague

Employees can request absence while substituting a colleague

Require certificates Define the number of days after which a doctoral certificate is required
Build accruals


A quota of absence days is created, which is offset against actual days of absence (e.g. a quota of 24 absence days per year)

Selecting the option Build accruals requires you to specify whether available days will add to the balance for the following year:

Option Explanation
Limited carryover

Available days from the previous year expire after a set period in the new year
According to German law carried over days should not be available longer than 3 months into the new year.

Carryover no limits  Available days never expire
No carryover Available days do not carryover to the new year 


Adding rules for building accruals

When selecting the option Build accruals, at least one accrual policy needs to be specified:


Adding different accrual policies for one absence type allows you to apply different vacation rules applying to different employee groups.

You do not have to add extra accrual policies for your part time workers. The absence balance is automatically calculated with the appropriate ratio. You find more information on this here

When you set up Personio initially it is useful to adjust your employee's absence balance manually. Please read here for more information.

You have to add at least one accrual policy. The setting allows you to specify the exact date and number of available days that will be accrued.

The following example is according the German federal vacation law. The first rule applies to probation period and specifies 2 vacation days. The second rule kicks in after the probation period of 6 months. This rule sets the available days to the full year balance of 24 days.

You can specify first accrual application to full amount or prorate. Setting a proportionate adoption of a rule means the quota is calculated in proportion to the date of application for a monthly or yearly beginning. For example: If a rule is applied with an annual quota of 24 days mid-year, the quota prorated to 12 days.

The quotas must be explicitly assigned to employees. More information can be found here


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