Managing Substitutions for Absences


This article describes how to configure substitute requests and enable or block absence requests, despite any existing substitutions.


Configuring Substitute Requests

Substitute requests are set up separately in each absence type’s settings. To set up a request, select an absence type in Settings > Absences and, under General settings, click on Edit.

Use Require substitutes? to decide whether employees can or must select a substitute when requesting an absence.


To make it mandatory to specify a substitute when requesting an absence, select the Yes field. No makes it impossible to select a substitute. If you select Optional, the field for selecting a substitute will be displayed, but it does not have to be filled in.

Please note that neither access rights nor approval processes are transferred to the substitute.

If a substitute request is optional or mandatory within an absence type, employees can or must specify a substitute in the absence request. The requesting employee can select from those of their colleagues whose public profiles they have viewing rights for.


If you have given the employee role All employees viewing rights for the Public profile of all colleagues, your employees can select a substitute from the entire workforce.


After the absence request has been submitted, the selected substitute initially receives a corresponding notification from Personio. They can confirm or reject the substitute request directly on their home screen.


If an approval process has been defined for the respective absence type, the substitute must accept the request in order to trigger the specified approval process.

Here you can learn how to set up approval processes for individual absence types.

The substitute information can be called up via the corresponding calendar entry at any time.


In the substitute's calendar, the substitution period is also marked in gray in the absence calendar:


Enabling Overlapping Absence Requests

Allow employees substituting for someone to request this absence: allows you to specify whether employees can request an absence while they are substituting for a colleague.


Select Yes to allow employees who are already substituting for a colleague during a specific period to request an absence anyway. This setting is useful, for example, for the absence type ‘Sickness’. It allows employees who should be substituting for a colleague but are unwell on that day to enter the sickness in Personio. This setting also allows your employees to request the absence type ‘Working from home’ and carry out their upcoming substitution duties from home.

To keep employees from making absence requests for time periods in which they are already substituting for another employee, select No.

Users with the role of administrator can always create absences for employees, even if the employees are substituting for a colleague during the specified period.


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