How do I set up Onboarding processes?

Under Configure account > Onboarding you can create templates for different Onboarding processes. The onboarding templates consist of several steps that can be assigned to one team or employees who are responsible for completing the step.


1. Create Onboarding steps

Click on the Plus button to add new steps as part of your Onboarding process. You can define a step as Email action from the Type drop down menu.

A step in turn consists of one or more items that you can create and add. Select the desired type of item and click Create.


2. Create teams

In order to assign steps to teams responsible for completing them, the teams have to be created under the Teams tab and team members have to be added:


3. Create Onboarding templates

Click on the Plus button to create new onboarding templates that represent one of your onboarding processes.

By clicking on Add step you can choose a previously created step and assign a responsible person or a team. The person or people labeled "Responsible" are responsible for completing that step. The deadline indicates when the responsible person(s) will receive a reminder to complete the step.

Repeat this process until you have added all the necessary steps to the Onboarding template.


4. Configure access rights

Under Employee roles > Access rights, under Onboarding you can set who can view or edit Onboarding steps.

Employees can still see steps for which they are responsible even without access rights (see Step 3).

The responsible person needs access rights in order to edit Onbaording steps. For example, if an employee needs to fill out an employee attribute, such as IBAN, they would need editing rights to the Personal info section.

For how to initiate a onboarding process for employees, please click here.


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