How do I configure absence administration?


Setting up your customized absence management relies on the configuration of other sections in Personio.


Configuration of holidays

Select the appropriate holidays for your company. For information on how to do that, continue here.

Configuration of absence types

Add standard as well as custom absence types for your company e.g. sick days, paid vacation. Please read the following instructions here.

Allocate permits

  • Access rights for absence types
    Configure who is able to view, propose, and revise different absence types in your company. Manage your settings under Configure account > Employee roles > Access rights.
    For each absence type allocate the options “View”, “Propose”, “Edit”. Allocate and apply this to the individual employee level (“Own”), team level (“Team”), for a special employee group (“Custom”) or for all employees (“All”).

    With the right to “Propose” absence will trigger a request loop. Absence requests require the approval from other individual or employee groups. This also needs to be configured.

    If you are uncertain what is meant by “Team”, please read here.

  • Access rights for absence calendars

    Personio compiles a calendar for each of your absence types. The calendars can be accessed and viewed from the main menu.

    Set viewing permits for different employee groups navigating to Configure account > Employee roles > Calendars.

  1. Configure approvals

    Set which employees are able to revise and approve the different types of absence requests. Please see the information on how to configure Approvals here.

  2. Apply absence rules for employees
    Absence rules for absence types with allotment need to be assigned to your employees. There are two ways to do this. Read the instructions here

  3. Import of absence history (optional)

    You can import the absence data for your employees e.g. for the running year and previous years by uploading an Excel file for that purpose.
    For importing historic vacation data we recommend to import merely the data entries from 1st of January of the current calendar year.

    More information and an appropriate Excel template for uploading employee absence read here.
  4. Balance adjustments

    Edit an employee's absence balance (e.g. available vacation days) via two options:
    • Edit employee accounts individually 

      Go to the absence settings and manually adjust an employee's balance

    • Adjusting absence balance for several employees

      Make adjustments to the absence balance for several or all of your employees by uploading an Excel file that will accomplish this task.

      We recommend to upload the paid leave balance to the cutoff date 31st of December of the previous year. This will ensure that any residual leave will properly be taken into the next year.

      Detailed information for simply uploading absence balance continue reading here.

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